North Carolina’s Mountain Treasures
Help Protect the Vulnerable Wildlands of the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests

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An ethno-habitat can be defined as the set of cultural, religious, nutritional, educational, psychological and other services provided by intact, functioning ecosystems and landscapes. An ethno-habitat refers to the cultural survival of a people within its traditional homeland.
A healthy ethno-habitat is one that supports its natural plant and animal communities and sustains the biophysical and […]

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Cherokee Heritage

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Nantahala Mountains – beloved home of the Cherokees

These sketches, by wilderness hiker and artist janice Barrett, were drawn to illustrate the life of a native American called Lojah.
The Cherokee Indians lived in a virtual […]

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Your Natural and Cultural Heritage

Wilderness tranquility. Sketch by Janice Barrett
Cultural heritage could be defined as one’s inherent right to enjoy and carry on the cultural traditions of their ancestors. This could be defined in terms of “place and/or practice.” It is impossible to separate our “natural heritage” from our “cultural heritage” as our ancestors’ lifestyles were deeply rooted into […]

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