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October Camporee

October 4, 2013 5:00 pmtoOctober 6, 2013 7:00 pm


The final Camporee of 2013 will be held in the Unicoi Mountains Conservation Area. Camping is available at Rattler Ford Group Campground, Site 1. Our reserved campsite is limited to 25 persons. There will be a Bar-B-Que supper on Saturday night. More details are posted below. Driving directions are available on the Carolina Mountain Club website. Questions or comments should be sent to Ted Snyder ( or Jim Reel (

We will be camping at the Rattler Ford Group Campground. The campground is located near the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest.  Space is limited. Persons wishing to camp must register with Ted Snyder, or call 864/638-3686

Persons wishing to join in the Bar-B-Que dinner on Saturday night must register with Ted Snyder by Tuesday, October 1st. The cost will be shared on a pro-rate basis per person eating.

Camporee Hikes
Saturday No.                                             October 5, 2013
Maple Springs – Jenkins Meadow – Haoe Top – Hangover – Deep Creek Loop
Hike 9.6; Drive: 9.5;  2050 ft. ascent, Rated A-AA, Wilderness Area Limit: 10
Leader: Brent Martin;; 828/587-9453; 828/371-0347 (cell)

Partially in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness and partially in the Deep Creek/Avery Creek Inventoried Addition to Kilmer-Slickrock. [Avery Creek is correctly spelled Avey.]  This hike follows Haoe Lead to Jenkins Meadow, then up to Haoe Top, former lookout tower site. Turning onto Hangover Lead, the hike runs out to the rocky viewpoint of Hangover. A short backtrack brings the group to the Deep Creek Trail which leads back to a junction on Haoe Lead, just short of out starting point.

Topo: Tapoco;       Forest Service Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Wilderness Map;
Nat. Geo. Map:

Saturday No. 544                                            October 5, 2013
Jenkins Meadow – Haoe Top – Hangover – Naked Ground – Middle Trail Loop
Hike 10.3, Drive: 2;  3050 ft. ascent, Rated A-AA, Wilderness Area Limit: 10
Leader: TBA

This Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Wilderness hike follows the most common route. It ascends the east side of the Joyce Kilmer Forest, takes Haoe Lead over to Naked Ground, and returns via the middle trail down Little Santeetlah Creek. There will be an optional side trip to Hangover. The return on the Middle Trail hosts big trees, with altitude specific species giving variety. There should be time at the end for those inclined to add the Memorial Forest Loop.

Topos: Tapoco, Santeetlah Creek;    Forest Service Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Wilderness Map;  Nat. Geo Map:

Saturday No.                                               October 5, 2013
Horse Cove Ridge – Stratton Bald – Bob Bald – Beech Gap
Hike 9.8, Drive: 19.8;  3140 ft. ascent,  Rated A-AA, Wilderness Area Limit: 10
Leader: Jim Reel;;  828/443-2532; 828/738-0751 (cell)

The Horse Cove route follows the west edge of the Joyce Kilmer Forest, and is thought to be the most scenic way to the high ridge. Having reached the high ridge, we will turn west on its spine to cross Stratton Bald and then Bob Bald, with expansive views to the south and east. Leaving Bob Bald, a muddy trail (after rains) leads down to a gravel road near Strawberry Knob.  [Road is gated at Beech Gap.]  This road leads to Beech Gap, on the N.C. Tennessee State Line. Shuttle required.

Topos: Big Junction, Santeetlah Creek;  Forest Service Joyce Kilmer – Slickrock Creek Wilderness Map;  Nat. Geo Map No.

Saturday No.                                           October 5, 2013
Three Short Hikes:  Hooper Bald – Huckleberry Knob – Memorial Loop
Hike: up to 4.7 miles;  Drive 26;  Ascent: See Below; Rated C-C
Leaders:  Doreen Blue,;  Kay Shurtleff,

Here are three short hikes. Hikers have the option to do one, two, or all three.

Hooper Bald. This is the largest bald outside the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. From the trailhead parking we will hike 0.7 mile to a rock outcrop and return, making a total of 1.4 miles. 150 foot ascent. Highest elevation: 5429 feet.

Huckleberry Knob.  We will move our cars about two miles to the trailhead. This is an easy walk to visit two balds. Panoramic views from extensive meadows that are mowed annually. 1.7 miles round trip. 320 foot ascent. Highest elevation: 5560 feet.

Joyce Kilmer Memorial Loop. This hike makes a loop to the Memorial Plaque amidst giant poplars. Observe dynamite felling of giant dead hemlocks. 2.0 mile loop with optional 0.5 mile Poplar Cove loop. Total  for everything 2.5 miles. 440 foot ascent.

Topo: Santeetlah Creek; Forest Service Joyce Kilmer – Slickrock Creek Wilderness Map;  Nat. Geo. Map No.

Sunday No.                                             October 6, 2013
Yellowhammer Gap – Ike Branch Loop
Hike 5.7, Drive: 13.7;    Ascend 680 ft.; Rated C-C,  Wilderness Area Limit: 10
Leader: Jill Gottesman;;  828/545-5236 (cell)

This hike allows us to explore the Yellowhammer Branch Inventoried Roadless Area proposed as an addition to the Wilderness. The trail starts at Calderwood Lake, and contours along it to the mouth of Slickrock Creek. We ascend the creek, passing the Lower Falls of Slickrock. Two deep, wet crossings. Above the falls we turn off on the Ike Branch Trail, which leads up to Yellowhammer Gap. At the gap the trail turns to descend in the valley of Ike Branch until it ends at our lakeside trail of the morning. Trees on Ike Branch are noteworthy.

Topo: Tapoco;  Forest Service Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Creek Wilderness Map; Nat.Geo. Map

Sunday No.                                              October 6, 2013
Beech Gap – Bob Bald – Cherry Log Gap – Strawberry Knob Loop
Hike 9.7, Drive: 39.8 miles;  Ascent 840 ft., Rated A-C  Wilderness Area limit: 10
Leader: Ted Snyder;;  864/638-3686

This hike is designed to allow some of Saturday’s hikers to get a different view of the Kilmer-Slickrock and the Citico Creek Wilderness areas.  The hike starts on the N.C. Tennessee State line at Beech Gap. Contouring around Strawberry Knob, we will climb a ridge to Bob Bald, where there should be good views to the south and east. Retracing a short distance, we take the trail to Cherry Log Gap, on the boundary between the two Wilderness areas. Then we follow a combination of trails to return to the trailhead of the Bob Bald Trail, and then around Strawberry Knob again to Beech Gap.

Topos: Big Junction, Whiteoak Flats; Forest Service Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness map;  Nat. Geo Map

Sunday No.                                                       October 6, 2013
Sassafras Falls – Snowbird Creek Wilderness Study Area
Hike 7.5,      Drive 15.5,          Ascent 800 feet,      Rated B-C
Leader: Norm Sharp;;  864/268-9409

Starting at the end of the road at Junction, this hike is on a gentle logging railroad grade. It parallels Snowbird Creek, usually on a high slope above its noisy cascades. After a likely wet crossing of Sassafras Creek, we continue along Snowbird Creek to a side trail on a railroad spur grade that contours high above the valley of Sassafras Creek. When the falls become intermittently visible through the foliage, we will find a short trail down to their base.  To return, we will reverse our inbound tracks.

Topo: Santeetlah Creek;      Nat. Geo. Map no.

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